Drum with Brass Ring

Drum with Brass Ring

Step into the power of rhythm, sound and ritual

This is the beginning of a deep relationship. A perfectly honed tool for your personal path. Drums were played by women for more than 6000 years. They represented goddesses, connecting the divine and human realms. During rituals of nonstop sacred drumming and dancing, the goddess speaks through the drum, inviting energy into the community.

A Basarab drum is going to be handmade specially for you. I have designed and refined a unique drum creation process. The process assures, that I can create the perfect medicine tool for you. My aim is to create a drum that will guide you along your journey. A drum that will grow in unity with you.

How does the process work?
We will step into conversation and exchange a few questions. The resulting information will be the guidance towards your own drum, towards your perfect medicine tool.

Working with natural materials is the foundation for a true connection to our inner nature. The drum revolves around the animal skin. I trade with herders in different countries, who still work in a traditional way. None of their animals are ever raised only for their skin. Instead their skin is what remains, after they’ve transitioned. Together we can honor the animal and provide equality around the globe, by supporting the traditional way of life. The wood for the drum frame provides a strong core for your drum. I always make sure to work with widely available wood and that it is sourced sustainably.

Available in 18" or 20" diameter

The drum comes with a drum stick and a protective carry bag.

- All photos shown are examples for illustration purpose.