Ancient tribes and hunter-gatherer groups saw a drum as the connection and axis between the spirit- and the physical world. A drum enabled journey between the worlds through a spirit-animal, which became the mount for the drummer. Communication with the spirit world was essential for survival to these tribes. It is a false impression to think of them as being primitive, because they actually were in unity with their land. Our modern society lost this unity, the feeling of being one with nature, thus one with ourselves.


My name is Daniel and I’ve always been fascinated by ancient rites and cultures. As I’ve traveled the world extensively I came across so many different tribes whose rites are entirely shaped around a drum and a rhythm. These tribes refer to the drum as a medicine tool and don’t think of it as an instrument. Being a toolmaker by trade and a drummer I soon started making my own drums using only the finest wood, leather and rawhide.

My roots are in Basarabia, a land with highly fertile ground on the black sea, inhabited over more than 8000 years – the land of my ancestors. A land of rolling hills and vast steppes where wolves howl and hawks soar through the skies. A land that gave rise to hunter-gatherer tribes who were in unity with their land. I draw my inspiration from this land and connect to my roots throughout the creation-process of each drum.


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