Care Manual

Your medicine tool is part of your journey. With the right care, you’ll have an experience for a life-time. If you have questions on how to care for your medicine tools, always feel free to contact me.


The drum skin is made of raw hide. It likes dry and warm conditions. The drum skin will react to an increase in humidity with a decrease in tension and as a result, sound a little lower. But don’t worry, your drum will always return to its original tone, once it dried out completely. A sun facing room is the best place to keep your drum. You can work with the gentle warmth of the sunlight, a heater or a fireplace to dry the drum. Only apply to the front of the drum, as the strings are very sensible when it comes to heat.

Smudge Fan

You can clean the feathers of your smudge fan using warm water and organic soap. Only submerge the feathers in the water, not the leather or handle. Wait for 20 minutes, then rinse under clear water and let the feathers dry in a warm spot in your house.


Please never use home remedies, body lotions or foods. They’ll destroy the natural protective barrier of the materials.


If you notice damage to your medicine tools please contact me.