Horsetail Whisk

Horsetail Whisk

A special weapon


The Horsetail Whisk is associated with spiritual power in different cultures.

The horsetail whisk originated as a fly whisk. A compassionate tool, it whisks away the insects instead of killing them. In ancient times when a Daoist disciple would leave their temple to travel as a wandering monk, their master would give them three gifts, including a horsetail whisk. If the disciple was tempted to return to secular life, the whisk would serve as a reminder that Thoughts were like mosquitoes buzzing around them, and could be swept away. Horsetail whisks are also used in Daoist rituals as a spiritual tool for purifying a space and removing evil entities.

In the African Maasai society the whisk is carried by modern African monarchs.

Horse hair, leather binding and wooden handle.

Length of horse tail: ca. 100 cm
Length of handle: ca. 40 cm

A: Black
B: White

Please let me know your color of choice when you complete the order.

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