Feather Headdress

Feather Headdress

Step into the Goddess Energy


Feather Headdresses are used all across the globe in different cultures and they all have individual meanings. A symbol of strength, festivity and a connection to the spirit world is what most of the traditional headdresses combine.

This headdress is made of a leather head-piece and two pheasant feathers. The two stunning feathers are the center feathers of the male pheasant, with fascinating color facets and details. The feathers are provided to me by a traditional, family owned small business in Germany. They take great care especially when it comes to preparation and sustainability. The adjustable head-piece is made of soft Elk Nappa leather.

Choose your Design
When ordering your Head Dress, please leave a message and let me know, which feathers you would like:

A: Gold & Black
B: White & BLack

*plus 19% VAT within the EU